Flip Flops!!


This week we have been busy making a beautiful and fun picture to take home.

First we had to paint our feet and make footprints!

IMG_20160718_104328 IMG_20160718_104624 IMG_20160718_105450


IMG_20160718_104340 IMG_20160718_105459

Next, we made a picture of the beach using card and real sand. We stuck the sand on the paper with glue.

IMG_20160718_113703 IMG_20160718_113707 IMG_20160718_113744 IMG_20160718_113753 IMG_20160718_113806 IMG_20160720_110619 IMG_20160720_110636

Later, we stuck the flip flops on the picture.

IMG_20160720_110900 IMG_20160720_110857 IMG_20160719_095204 IMG_20160719_095117 IMG_20160719_095001 IMG_20160719_094959 IMG_20160719_094949 IMG_20160719_094942

Here they are!!

We think that they are great, we hope that you like them too!

IMG_20160722_095558 IMG_20160722_095635 IMG_20160722_095732 IMG_20160722_095957


Water and Sand!

We have had a lot of fun today playing and experimenting  with very different things.

First with water – we had a water party and we played  in the little swimming pool  with a lot of toys and with the teachers too.  It was great fun shooting the water and blowing bubbles.

IMG_20160713_101740 IMG_20160713_103345 IMG_20160713_102837 IMG_20160713_102412 IMG_20160713_102259 IMG_20160713_101910 IMG_20160713_101808 IMG_20160713_101755

Later we played with a very different material – sand.

At first, the texture felt very strange but then we made some beautiful pictures using different coloured sand.

IMG_20160713_111011 IMG_20160713_111020 IMG_20160713_111124 IMG_20160713_111140 IMG_20160713_111406 IMG_20160713_111655 IMG_20160713_111731 IMG_20160713_112149 IMG_20160713_112523